Unbreakable Connectivity Anytime, Anywhere

Using LTE to stream live content has been gaining momentum across the mobile ecosystem. Streaming video at above-HD quality requires robust connectivity which is often beyond what a single LTE connection is capable of. Peplink’s SpeedFusion and WAN Smoothing features ensure that LTE broadcasting works anytime, anywhere.

What Are Your Challenges in Broadcasting Connectivity?

Ensuring Great Streaming Performance

Cost Management

While mobile offers more mobility and lower cost compared to satellite broadcast, mobile networks are inherently unstable. Network speed fluctuates wildly according to utilization, which creates undesirable stuttering. A single LTE connection is therefore hardly enough to ensure smooth broadcasting.

Broadcasting from outdoor locations often incur substantial cost with satellite or specially ordered fixed line internet which could take weeks to set up. These communication equipment also require specialized teams to look after, adding even more cost.



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