Access Control

The Pepxim Smart Reader and Time and Attendance System make attendance management a breeze. Employees can easily clock in and out using their own NFC cards, while management gains access to an intuitive yet powerful system that provides real-time visibility and significantly reduces administrative workload.  

High Security, Broad Card Compatibility

Deploy Anywhere, Remote Offices, Even Mobile!

Extensible Cloud Platform - Integrate Into Existing Systems

Our Smart reader is compatible with today’s most secure card platforms including several HID iClass and Prox formats.

Traditional systems require local servers and controllers. Deploy our Smart Reader across multiple buildings, remote offices, even mobile locations.

Our TA Cloud allows you to integrate reader data seamlessly into your existing access control or attendance system.

Access Control


The Smart Reader supports NFC-enabled cards, so you can keep track of which employee entered which door, and when. Establish different user groups and control door access based on these groups.

Vehicle Access & GPS

The Smart Reader can be powered by PoE supplied by MAX cellular routers. This combination is ideal for vehicular deployments. Receive location information for passengers as they board; useful for big data analytics.


Reduce CO2 Emissions

Simplify Administration

Cost Savings

Improved Security

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